Useful links

mySMARTLife Lighthouse Cities' and Follower Cities' websites:


Other Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse projects funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme:


Horizon 2020 Coordination and support actions in the area of Smart cities and Communities:


European Initiatives and Networks:

  • BUILD-UP – European Portal for Energy Efficiency in Buildings:
  • ECTP – European Construction Technology Platform:
  • Energy Cities – European Association of local authorities in energy transition:
  • Enterprise Europe Network – Sector Group Sustainable Construction / Sector Group Intelligent Energy:
  • eu.bac – European Building Automation and Controls Association:
  • ERTRAC – European Road Transport Research Advisory Council:
  • CEPI-CEI – European Association of Real Estate Professions:
  • POLIS – European Cities and Regions Networking for Innovative Transport Solutions:
  • Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) – Knowledge platform for all existing Smart Cities projects within FP7, SCC1 and EEB: