mySMARTLife Network

In order to spread the knowledge, we share the experiences made within the mySMARTLife demonstration cities, within our mySMARTLife Cities Network.

Who can join the mySMARTLife Network?
Cities from Europe and beyond have the chance to benefit directly from the mySMARTLife findings and to learn from the experience of the Lighthouse Cities by joining the mySMARTLife Network. Together they will build up a strong network of cities active in the field.

What does the network offer?
As a member of mySMARTLife Cities Network you will get the following benefits:

  • The possibility to exchange experiences with mySMARTLife Lighthouse Cities and Follower Cities;
  • The invitation to three workshops on technical and non-technical issues, including study tours to the demonstration sites where replication will play a relevant role;
  • Free access to seven Webinars on technical and non-technical issues relevant for replication;
  • A privileged access to project results such as methodologies for retrofitting, district scale integrating smart buildings, smart grids, energy storage, electric vehicles and smart charging infrastructures and much more through dedicated information channels (web sites, discussion forum and a newsletter).
What are the technical topics for exchange?
  • Energy and Mobility sectors
  • Advanced Urban Planning: is an integrated approach of the planned city interventions on the basis of Active citizen engagement in the decision-making process
  • Technologies in the energy and mobility sectors, together with a wide deployment of smart solutions, most of them based on ICTs
    • Very efficient districts
    • Integration of RES to energy supply,
    • Advanced management of the urban energy infrastructures, integrating innovative storage technologies
    • New electro mobility solutions
    • Waste recovery systems
    • ICT Urban
    • Platforms
  • CO2 reduction → Measures that improve the air quality in SmartCities
  • Knowledge Integration: How to integrate new technologies experts in your City?
  • Process to get smarter: Steps mySMARTLife cities followed to become smarter.
  • Business and Environment
Network Events

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How can you join

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mySMARTLife City Network Secretariat
María Sol Rau
Phone +49 0711 123 4036