The Way to Zero

Zero-emission mobility is important for cities to achieve a sustainable urban development.
To reduce air pollution sustainably in cities, it is necessary to electrify the vehicles that are mainly used their whole lifecycles within city centres. These include public transportation (e.g. bus) as well as public fleet vehicles. Therefore, the public authority vehicle fleet of the borough of Bergedorf will be renewed and electrified with e-cars.

Moreover, micro-mobility plays an important role within “the way to zero”. Micro-mobility concepts represent a convenient and quick way to move within cities and are therefore a great alternative to other transport modes. They can be used as a main mobility solution for short distances or as an optimal last mile mobility solution binding the entire transport network. Therefore, Bergedorf’s current public authority vehicle fleet will be enriched with micro-mobility concepts such as e-bikes and last mile people movers. In the case of Bergedorf this will be an innovative new product, the Cityskater.

Two wheels in the front and one in the back, steering by shifting your weight, a running board for each leg – that is the new Volkswagen Cityskater. The Cityskater will have its market entry in late 2018 and will be tested in Bergedorf as part of mySMARTLife at the beginning of 2019. It drives up to 20 km/h and on a full charge it has a reach of 15 km; complete electric and legal to use on public streets. So the Cityskater is a real alternative when it comes to covering short distances in urban traffic. It is foldable and can therefore easily be taken onto the subway or into the boot of the (electric) car. The Cityskater is an absolute sustainable, smart and affordable way from Volkswagen for new urban micro-mobility.