SunZEB Block: First house finalized

The first SunZEB building (Sun Zero Energy Building) has been finalized in Kalasatama district of Helsinki. The SunZEB block, planned to contain four apartment buildings, is one of the interventions in mySMARTLife. The first building contains apartments from two room units to five room units. The building is close to the green recreation island Mustikkamaa and centrally located.

The SunZEB concept is developed by VTT and Helen. The SunZEB concept enables large window surfaces and comfortable indoor conditions during all seasons. In the concept, buildings are used as renewable energy sources. A SunZEB building utilizes energy provided by the sun as efficiently as possible. In summer, excess solar energy and other waste energies are harnessed and stored. The excess heat is then utilised by district heating system of Helsinki. In winter, the available light coming from a low angle warms up the spaces and brings light.

Despite containing the new energy solutions, the apartments in the building are not the highest priced in the Kalasatama area. The apartment building ordered by Asuntosäätiö and constructed by Fira Oy is a Hitas building. This means, its price is regulated in an agreement with the City of Helsinki who owns the building land. A maximum price is set that is typically under the market price compared to the price level for that location. The aim of the Hitas scheme is to provide affordable housing in Helsinki.