"Smart City and Digital Transformation" - Workshop in Hamburg

On July 4, the HafenCity University Hamburg organised in cooperation with the European University Flensburg  a workshop focusing on "Smart City and Digital Transformation in Hamburg". The workshop was carried out by the Department of Urban Planning and Regional Development of the HCU and brought together scientists from the fields of urban planning and geography to discuss various aspects of digital transformation in cities. 

In their opening speeches, the hosts Prof. Dr. Sybille Bauriedl and Prof. Dr. Jörg Knieling focused on the rapid development of digital transformation and today's broad range of applications for digitally networked infrastructures in cities. This was followed by contributions and discussions that critically reflected the digitization and Smart City strategies of Hamburg and other European metropolises. Further contributions dealt with the new actors involved in the "digital city" and gave rise to intensive discussions on the role of private actors in the smart city. The workshop was a successful exchange and networking meeting for all participants.

Since the one-day event offered only limited time to deal with the topic of digital transformation in all its complexity, HCU and EUF plan to organise further workshops on this topic.