Rijeka – a Step by Step Approach to Replication

A first selection of the smart actions has been conducted – based on the city objectives and respectively on strategic documents of the City of Rijeka and mySMARTLife project objectives and approach. The result was the initial replication plan.

Secondly, we selected the most promising smart actions – based on the baseline assessment, the analysis and activities conducted during the implementation of mySMARTLife project (PESTEL, Lighthouse cities smart actions). During this process, consultations with the local stakeholders have been held.

As a next step we developed the smart actions further based on 3D modelling, energy system scenarios, a social acceptance campaign, study tours/mentoring activities in Nantes, Rijeka and Bydgoszcz. Our interim replication plan is now completed, and we applied the acquired knowledge such as PESTEL, capacity building, interventions value chain, city model canvas, public procurement and innovative funding, as well as social acceptance. We are delighted to see our Replication Plan nearly completed.

The six smart actions we are currently focusing on are:
•    Smart bus-stations and smart traffic platform (Smart mobility)
•    Smart public lighting
•    Smart metering and Ssmart meter data management (Smart grids)
•    PV panels: energy storage and sharing (RES integration)
•    Citizen involvement/participation in energy savings
•    Open data GIS & platform