Replication, Replication!

Four years after the start of mySMARTLife, replication activities are reaching a major milestone through the finalization of the replication plans in Bydgoszcz, Palencia, and Rijeka. The delivery of these replication plans is planned for early 2021. 

These replication plans are the results of the application of mySMARTLife’s smart people and smart economy concepts demonstrated in the cities of Hamburg, Helsinki and Nantes.

In four years, the smart actions included in the replication plans have come a long away through a large variety of steps and analysis, from the first prefeasibility considerations to the definition of practical investment plans. The involvement of the citizens will also be a key for the successful implementation of the actions, and here the experience from our lighthouse cities is a precious feedback.

Apart from the application perimeter of each action, mySMARTLife focuses on the possibility for upscaling in the local contexts, and beyond the circle of mySMARTLife’s cities. This way any municipality interested in developing smart actions will find inspiring examples in mySMARTLife’s initiatives and how the various challenges can be overcome, as they are in Bydgoszcz, Palencia, and Rijeka.