Nantes – the e-busway

In Nantes Metropole, transport represents the main source of greenhouse gas emissions (49 % of total emissions). Nearly 88 % of these emissions are generated by cars and 11 % by public transport. Therefore, transport represents an essential lever for significantly reducing the city's emissions.

An innovative action in mySMARTLife is the use of 22 fully electric e-Busways delivered by the local company Semitan, responsible for the public transport network of Nantes, and Nantes Metropole. They are 100 % electric bi-articulated buses (24 m long, 150 seats) allowing 55,000 passengers a day to be carried without having to execute heavy infrastructure work. Therefore, the number of passengers to be transported in peak hours is increased by 35 %.

Unique in the world, this bus line benefits from rapid charging technology by bottle-feeding. This technology allows the bus to recharge over short periods when passengers get on and off the bus without impacting the operation of the line.

If you want to read more about the benefits, lessons learned, and facts and figures please see here.