Nantes – Fit for Retrofits

Managing energy demand is today one of the major challenges of the energy transition. In its roadmap for energy transition, Nantes Metropole has committed itself to addressing fuel poverty, reducing the energy consumption and thus the greenhouse gas emissions in its territory, and improving the comfort of occupants in their homes. Achieving these objectives requires the facilitation of energy renovations.

"Mon Projet Renov" is a single desk retrofitting service developed and proposed by Nantes Metropole. It is part of the list of smart actions developed in Nantes within the mySMARTLife project and is a free-of-charge public service.

Through this online service platform, Nantes Metropole enables the residents to access relevant information to help them in the development of their retrofitting project. Once their project is mature enough, the platform offers them contacts with listed local companies and can even play as an intermediary in the proposal of cost estimates.

If you want to read more about the benefits, lessons learned, and facts and figures please see here.