mySMARTLife contributes to scientific publication on "Energy Citizenship in new energy concepts"

The involvement of citizens and energy communities (energy citizenship) is seen as a key pillar in the energy transition. In mySMARTLife, citizens are at the core of the smart cities interventions. Thus, mySMARTLife has joined further EU-funded projects (ATELIER, +CityxChange, ENERGE, MAKING-CITY and POCITYF) to publish a scientific article on citizen engagement in Positive Energy Districts. The publication titled "Energy Citizenship in new energy concepts" has appeared in the journal "environmental sciences proceedinigs” on 8 December 2021.

It is assumed by the projects demonstrating Positive Energy District (PED) concepts in cities across Europe that citizens should want and need to be involved in the development of new energy concepts, such as PEDs for these concepts to be deployed successfully. mySMARTLife and further PED research and innovation projects are investigating the types and expectations of citizen engagement. They evaluate the impact of energy citizenship on the success of PED deployment across Europe.

You have free access to the publication here.