mySMARTLife consortium and Cities Network meet in Helsinki

The mySMARTLife partners gathered in Lighthouse City Helsinki from 12-14 February 2018 for the third periodic meeting to exchange about current achievements and future work in the demo areas. In addition, a first exploitation workshop was organised to identify promising project results to be exploited beyond the project duration. On the second day, a project-funded E-bus took the participants to the demo-site “Merihaka & Vilhonvuori" residential retrofitting area as well as the "Kalasatama" new construction area.

The mySMARTLife Cities Network held a 1st Workshop on the 14th February 2018, with the aim of exchanging experiences and learning from each other to make the cities smarter and more sustainable.

Apart from the mySMARTLife Lighthouse and Follower Cities, representatives of 13 cities from 8 countries in Europe and beyond (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Colombia) participated in the event.

The members of the mySMARTLife cities network took the opportunity to learn more about the actions in the Lighthouse and Follower Cities and exchanged their experiences in the domains of mobility, infrastructures, energy and non-technological actions such as citizen participation. The workshop revealed that the cities are facing similar challenges and that citizen involvement is at the core of smart cities actions to ensure a successful transition.

This first workshop marked the start of a fruitful collaboration within the mySMARTLife Cities Network. Webinars and workshops on different smart cities topics as well as study tours to the mySMARTLife demonstration sites shall lead potential followers towards a smart future.