In search of tomorrow’s city: Palencia Sustainable Mobility Fair

From 15-22 September 2019, the City Council of Palencia hosted the second edition of the Palencia Sustainable Mobility Fair (MOVISOP) with the aim of “bringing the latest trends that mark the future of the automobile market closer to the citizens and returning to take another step in the commitment that this city has with sustainability through innovation”, illustrates Mario Simón Martín, mayor of Palencia. 

The fair attracted citizens as well as experts and promoted sustainable mobility via different activities and showcases of sustainable vehicles (cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles) in Calle Mayor de Palencia. Throughout the eight event days, MOVISIOP offered an impressive program, including theoretical, practical and visual days. Besides mySMARTLife, the project also has the support of the EU through the EDUSI Funds (Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategy).

“We have done a great job to put ourselves back in the vanguard of smart cities, of those who want to bet on innovation to improve the services they provide to their citizens and their quality of life, from which they have taken seriously the need to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions and demonstrate them with real examples. A city, Palencia, that has a specific plan to fulfill beyond what is established by the EU countries and that is, and wants to continue being, a reference in sustainable mobility”, concludes the mayor.

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