How to replicate? Finnish Lighthouse and Follower Cities know the answers!

In January 2020, the second edition of Tampere’s Smart City Week took place. Over the duration of one week, filled with a diverse and interesting programme, the following question was investigated: A sustainable, intelligent and Smart City – How is it possible?

In the context of this event, the City of Tampere, which is one of Stardust’s Lighthouse Cities, organised a series of replication workshops for their Follower Cities and other Finnish cities being part of the Smart Cities & Community Lighthouse projects.

Finland’s target to become carbon neutral by 2035 is an undertaking that requires successful communication and replication among its’ cities. During the workshop “Success Stories and Development Challenges of Carbon Neutral and Energy-efficient Mobility, Building and Energy from Finnish Lighthouse Projects”, over 50 engaged participants exchanged their experiences and came up with ideas on how to overcome challenges during the replication process. 

Representatives from Kerava (MAtchUP), Oulu (MakingCity), Tampere (STARDUST), Vaasa (IRIS Smart Cities) and our Lighthouse City Helsinki, gave presentations of pilot solutions and focused on experiences they wished to share. On that occasion, a lot of interesting videos have been created – among them, an interview with our mySMARTLife project manager Maria Viitanen from Helsinki. You will find the video on YouTube and on our website.    

If you want to see the other videos and learn more about the workshops, please visit Stardust’s website. The presentation materials of the Finnish replication workshop as well as the Stardust’s replication workshop are also available online.