Hamburg and further German Lighthouse Cities meet in Munich to exchange best practices

Hamburg is one of four German Lighthouse Cities involved in Smart Cities projects funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. All four lighthouse cities are in the process of implementing smart city solutions in energy, mobility, building sector (refurbishments) and ICT. All measures aim at improving and increasing the quality of life for their citizens.  The Lighthouse Cities Cologne (GrowSmarter), Munich (Smarter Together), Dresden (MAtchUP) and Hamburg (mySMARTLife) all got together in Munich this April.

The aim of the meeting was an exchange of ideas and knowledge gathered in their retrospective projects. As all Cities are in different phases of implementation for their projects, this format was seen as an excellent basis to exchange experiences (Cologne is in the 4th year, Munich in the 3rd, Hamburg in the 2nd and Dresden in its 1st year). 

A tour of Munich's Neuaubing-Westkreuz/Freiham project area was also on the agenda. Here, experts from Munich provided insights into success factors and barriers of smart lamppost implementation, the Urban Living Lab and the Urban Data Platform developed in the context of Smarter Together.
All participants agreed that this fruitful exchange will be continued.