FLUX Call for Projects: “Let’s build urban logistics together” – How to improve Last Mile Delivery in Nantes Metropole

How can we make last mile deliveries in cities as ecologically as possible? That was the core question of mySMARTLife’s FLUX call for projects on urban logistics, launched by Nantes Metropole and 14 partners in Nantes’ metropolitan area in 2018.

With around 30 applications, there was surely no lack of innovative ideas to improve last mile deliveries like the usage of electro-solar barges or bicycles, the setup of a shared logistics platform or the development of CNG (natural gas for vehicles). Participants of the call had to provide a concrete solution based on sustainable, ecological and innovative urban logistics that could be implemented fast as well as monitored and evaluated during the time frame of the project.

The call is directly connected to Nantes Metropole's new local regulation that favours clean vehicles: Since June 2019, clean vehicles benefit from an extended time slot for deliveries to pedestrian and restricted areas in the city centre (04am-11pm instead of 7.30-11.30am). For all other vehicles, the delivery rules remain unchanged.

On 12 June 2019, thirteen sustainable urban logistics projects were chosen while four other projects have been selected as "FLUX Seeds" for maturation support. In the long term, all the selected proposals will be put into practice in various places of the metropolitan area.

Among the winners of the call were La Barge Zero and Ici Nantes. La Barge Zero suggested to deliver products using the river with a solar-powered boat, equipped with electric motors and a solar roof while electric vehicles will be used for the last kilometres. In turn, Ici Nantes proposed the development of a collaborative and solidarity-based manufacturing facility in the city centre. Here, craftsmen will be able to work with appropriate equipment under the eyes of inhabitants.

In case of Ici Nantes, the implementation is already processing: In the heart of Mellinet, a 13,5ha urban project, the collaborative workspace Make ICI has just opened. This unique place of 1500m2 brings together craftsmen and helps them -amongst others- to share knowledge and tools. Being in the heart of Nantes, it will also contribute to reduce the numerous travels craftsmen have to do to between their construction sites, generally located in the city, and their workspaces, generally located outside the city. More than 10 craftsmen are already part of this unique adventure.

Click here to learn more about the other winners (in French).

 More information (in French) can also be found here and on YouTube.