The City of Hamburg Urban Platform

The City of Hamburg Urban Platform will be supplemented with the DTAG (T-Systems, AG) Smart City Ecosystem to form a “System of Systems” following the DIN Spec 91357 on “Open Urban Platforms”. New services will be developed and a new kind of web service for real-time sensor information will be introduced and approved. The aim is to improve the standardised connectivity in order to allocate (open data) apps and services to authorities, citizens and stakeholders. Digitisation leads to new service opportunities and data generation, which will be aligned, harmonised and managed in the Hamburg Urban Platform.

The following vertical smart city applications will be connected to the smart middleware of the Deutsche Telekom’s Smart City Ecosystem: smart street lighting, intermodal routing and smart grid. Further investigation is planned concerning interoperability of two combined "platforms" (forming the Hamburg Open Urban Platform) and other Smart City Platforms, e.g. to the partner Lighthouse Cities Nantes and Helsinki.

Have a look at our public deliverables D3.5 and D3.6 to learn more.