Smart Home Assistant & Metering

Against the background of a steady aging society in Germany, the smart home solution implemented in mySMARTLife Hamburg focuses on two different aspects: to offer helpful services for elderly people in their daily life and to control and to reduce the energy consumption of their main electricity consumers in their apartment. With the smart home assistant system, the residents can monitor the main energy consumers in their apartments such as the stove, fridge or the washing machine via a central tablet or a smart phone - optimized for the needs of elderly people. Further household services for a helping hand in the daily life can be ordered via this system. The aim is to enable the elderly people to live independently in their old apartments and familiar environment as long as possible.

Furthermore, throughout the Borough of Bergedorf more than 2.000 smart meters will be installed in households with an annual power consumption of less than 6.000 kWh by Stromnetz Hamburg. In 10% of these buildings, this modern measurement equipment will be provided with an in-house visualization, which offers the tenants to monitor their personal energy consumption.