Smart Home Assistant & Metering

The smart home assistant is a central unit in the smart home on the basis of widely used wireless protocols. Residents can control and monitor the connected heating facilities and thermostats as well as electrical partner appliances, such as heaters, washing machines or roller shutters, via smartphones, PCs/laptops or tablet computers and save energy with the support of such applications.

2000 smart meters will be installed in Bergedorf households with an annual consumption of less than 6.000kWh. In 10% of these buildings, this modern measurement equipment will be provided with an in-house visualisation. Further, 500 smart meters (iMSys) with an advanced functionality will be deployed for consumers with an energy consumption of more than 6.000 kWh. The smart meter is then complemented with a smart meter gateway (SMGw). The smart meter gateway is responsible for the acquisition, processing and secure transmission of measurement data.