Renewable Energy Production & Management

"Parking des Machines", a car park in Quartier de la Creation (new construction area in Ile de Nantes) will be transformed into a renewable energy hub. This car park will be covered with a solar photovoltaic canopy, a solar power management system deployed, battery storage installed and soft mobility actions implemented like charging stations for electric vehicles, storage service and low carbon last kilometre delivery services. Special emphasis is given to the innovative energy storage system. The system delivers energy on a continuous basis and helps to smooth the electric load curve by adjusting solar energy production to consumption (solar energy stored in a battery system to allow for consumption during the night).

mySMARTLife has the objective to promote the development of citizens or collective photovoltaic (PV) projects and analyse technical, organisational and business models for further replication. Demonstration projects were identified as part of the project and a solar cadaster developed (see below).

The first demonstration project (M.I.N industrial estate) has 30,000 m² of exploitable roof. A PV plant of 30,000 m² of panels, 5MWp producing 5 GWH / year will be installed by the end of 2018. The self-consumption demand represents 500kWp for about 10% of the installed area.

The second project is Malakoff – a collective self-consumption project consisting of a PV plant on a social housing building that is connected to a nearby school and another council-owned building and will be implemented in 2019. Both building complexes are complementary in their energy demand. As for the social housing building, the energy demand is high in the morning and in the evening, whereas in the other public facilities, the demand is low in the morning, high during the day and low in the evening.

To facilitate the deployment of small PV projects by citizens, Nantes Metropole has promoted the development of a solar cadaster with a consortium of companies and research centres led by “In Sun We Trust” start-up (see also As a result, a scalable and innovative web platform has been developed. The platform models the solar potential per roof section of 1m2, gives an estimate of potential gains / savings achievable through a solar installation and lists relevant companies for the implementation of solar projects.

In the mySMARTLife demo district Ile de Nantes, two buildings will be equipped with digital boilers of around 20 MWh per year, each connected by optical fiber. The first one is a new social house “hospitality pole“ under construction (over 900 m2) including catering, hygiene and health services for the poorest of Nantes. The second one is a social housing building (over 2 200 m2) composed of 28 dwellings and a space for commercial activities.

M.I.N industrial estate with PV panels on its roof
M.I.N industrial estate with PV panels on its roof