Nantes Urban Platform

Giving value to data is a key ambition for the mySMARTLife project. As a transversal action to all energy and mobility actions of the project, Engie and Nantes Metropole have worked together on developing an extension to Nantes’ Urban Platform, focusing on “measure” data coming from the fields and sensors, e.g. IoT but at a higher level. Nantes’ Urban Platform integrates such data from its respective systems.

The purpose is to provide, in the first place, the keystone for mySMARTLife interventions’ monitoring: gathering data from energy and mobility actions such as energy consumption, kilometres travelled, etc.

Besides, connecting systems and collecting data from the various sectors, Nantes’ Urban Platform provides a playground for data science opportunities. The focus was brought on the following sectors: (i) Nantes Metropole’s administration services to optimise public policies and provide more efficient public service; (ii) citizens to provide them with new services; (iii) European cities to share good practices in an open specification framework and interoperable formats.

To feed the platform with concrete use cases, an exploration methodology was set up, and then experimented for different data ecosystems. This methodology goes into five consecutive steps: observation, data cartography, use-case exploration, use-case experimentation, monitoring and evaluation (see also here).

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