City Infrastructure (Lighting & Smart Meters)

Smart public lighting
In the district of Ile de Nantes, an area with residential buildings and with frequent cultural events, Engie, in collaboration with Nantes Metropole, deployed a remote lighting management system with the aim to adapt the lighting system to urban transformation, manage at distance the lighting and reduce energy consumption with new and efficient equipment. 65 luminaires were equipped with nodes for street lighting control and some of them have presence detection. A LoRa infrastructure was created to have a private IoT network.

This action aims at demonstrating the cost effectiveness in global costs of this solution compared to the existing solution with discharged lamp on a 15 years projection, confirming the expected 78% of energy and CO2 emission savings as well as the interest of implementing IoT interoperable technologies.

Smart meters
A large deployment of smart meters has been implemented by Enedis: As of June 2019, 131 800 smart electricity meters out of 142 900 planned have been deployed in the City of Nantes. On Ile de Nantes demonstration district, 13 000 smart meters are installed (instead of the 8 000 smart meters initially planned).

The smart electric meter called "Linky" provides the residents with automated meter readings for payments and a quicker way to change their electric power contract. It also allows for the visualisation of energy consumption.

For Enedis, the French electricity distributor, it helps to monitor the electricity network, to facilitate the integration of renewables and the spread of new usages like electric vehicles. These smart meters provide data for the energy data lab initiative.

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