City Infrastructure (Lighting & Smart Meters)

In the district of Ile de Nantes, an area with residential buildings and with frequent cultural events, ENGIE, in collaboration with Nantes Metropole, deployed a remote lighting management system. It makes the area more secure and allows for the reduction of lighting near residential buildings. The management system optimises the maintenance of the lighting system through the automatic detection of faults and the remote adaptation of the lights, i.e. during events. This combined solution saves more than 60% of energy.

As of June 2018, 180 000 smart electricity meters out of 370 000 planned have been deployed for public customers, companies and public organisations in the Nantes metropolitan area. On Ile de Nantes demonstration district, 11 500 smart meters out of 12 200 planned are installed.

The smart electric meter called "Linky" provides the residents in the area with automated meter readings for payments and a quicker way to change the electric power contract. Furthermore, "Linky" allows for the visualisation of energy consumption and supports behaviour change when it comes to energy usage.

"Linky" also helps Enedis, the French electricity distributor, to monitor its electricity network, to facilitate the integration of renewables and the spread of new usages like electric vehicles. The smart meters provide data for the energy datalab project.