Merihaka and Vilhonvuori - Retrofitting Projects

As allocated to the project pilot, the first apartment building with 167 apartments has been equipped with smart thermostats in every room. The thermostats can be connected to the Urban Platform through IoT. Piloting of smart heating control and early testing of heat demand response is on-going in the retrofitting areas of mySMARTLife.

The demand response commands are under development as to better integrate them into the planning of Helsinki’s heat generation needs. The human thermal model is also analysed for further improvements of comfort and individual level heating optimisation. Knowledge and incentives are being shared and information exchanged with local residents such as the housing associations representatives in order to increase impact and motivation to support energy efficiency measures. The long-term target is to retrofit all 12 buildings in the area.  In addition to the mentioned measures, heat leakage imaging is planned to support the evaluation of the building performance.  The implemented retrofit measures are expected to lower the total energy consumption by 10-15%.