Energy Data Lab & Energy Planning & Monitoring

The objective of this action is to create and test new services for individuals and businesses, and optimise Nantes Metropole’s public policies on energy through data - especially concerning electricity. With a portfolio of 96,000 lighting points and 2,215 buildings (for around 1,700,000 m²) and an annual energy consumption of 160 GWh costing €16M per year, Nantes Metropole and the City of Nantes have a high potential for significant energy and financial savings.

Energy master plan
In 2017, Nantes Metropole commissioned its urban agency called AURAN to support the development of a metropolitan wide energy master plan. The plan has a 20-year perspective with a view to define the approach to energy production, distribution and consumptions at metropolitan level. The on-going first phase includes a diagnostic of the local energy system and the identification of energy challenges (2017-2018), the second phase does include the definition of energy scenarios and governance (2018-2019).

Within mySMARTLife, as a pilot on the demonstration district, a complementary analysis was done on the simulation of energy demand in 10-20 years with the support of mySMARTLife partner TECNALIA.

Monitoring energy flows
Nantes Metropole acquired and worked on the customisation of a monitoring tool for the production and consumption of all energy flows (electricity, gas, district heating, renewable energy production) in order to measure its annual energy expenditures. This tool allows for better control of invoices, it contributes to the optimization of energy contracts and provides automatic reports on Nantes Metropole’s energy consumption.

Energy data Lab platform
The use of the platform started in spring 2017 with the exploitation of electricity consumption data from public facilities managed by Nantes Metropole. The Enedis platform (accessible at after authentication) displays consumption data for a sample of 300 equipments from public buildings and public lighting systems managed by Nantes Metropole.

Through the Energy Data Lab, Nantes Metropole intends to cross the data - recovered from electricity but also later from gas and heat distributors - with those from the land files characterising the buildings of the territory. This type of analysis pre-figures an enhanced decision making support to identify for example energy-consuming buildings and will contribute to the future metropolitan energy plan.

Developing electric data based use cases
Through an experimental data use case exploration methodology of Nantes Metropole, several uses cases – like the following – were developed:

Internally, one use case was developed in Nantes’ Urban Platform and focuses on energy contracts optimisation through the automatic analysis of load curves; another use case aims at detecting public lighting outages automatically, using load curve deviations from expected consumption as a signal for further investigation (e.g. load curve drop in the middle of the night). Two more use cases were experimented with local companies, identified through Atlanpole. One on energy saving opportunities within public buildings consumption baselines, the other one to experiment machine learning algorithms on public schools and office buildings to improve knowledge on energy consumption behaviours.