Am Schleusengraben – High Performance New Constructions

The new construction area "Schleusengraben" is a focus development area of the City of Hamburg, along the shores of an old industrial channel. The general development of the "Schleusengraben" is divided into six different areas - each area with its own investor and its own architectural and energy supply concept. This is a typical setting in which urban development takes place in Hamburg. Basis for the development of the different areas are urban development contracts between the investors and the administration of the Borough of Bergedorf.

As part of mySMARTLife, the Borough of Bergedorf tries to convince investors to build above national standard, incorporating smart metering and smart controls. This is being done through a process of face-to-face conversations, workshops and the demonstration of best practice examples.

More than 1,400 new residential units are planned to be built in the next years (approximately 75 buildings) including the implementation of a new smart adaptive lighting.

Residential buildings in Bergedorf (picture: Bente Stachowske / konsalt GmbH)
Residential buildings in Bergedorf (picture: Bente Stachowske / konsalt GmbH)