Malmö Summit - ICLEI World Congress 2021-2022

11 – 13 June 2022 in Malmö, Sweden.

The Malmö Summit from 11.-13.05.2022 will offer the opportunity to exchange with and inspire one another on the best practices in local sustainable development and learn first-hand from the City of Malmö’s wealth of sustainability initiatives. Malmö is a leading example of creative and innovative sustainable development.

The event will have three days of core programming for participants, featuring strategic high-level dialogues building on themes explored in 2021, as well as exciting technical visits, in-depth workshops and multiple networking opportunities especially suited for in-person participation.

The Malmö Commitment, which will invite local and regional governments to advance equitable sustainable development, also will be launched.

About ICLEI World Congress 2021-2022

The ICLEI World Congress 2021-2022 is now a year-long experience, hosted by ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability and the City of Malmö, Sweden.
ICLEI’s triennial gathering offers multiple opportunities to connect throughout 2021-2022.
On 13-15 April 2021, the Virtual Launch of the ICLEI World Congress 2021 – 2022 took place. An all digital experience kicked off the event including high-level discussions on how local and regional governments can continue to advance on sustainable development together with ICLEI.  

Throughout the rest of 2021, critical topics in sustainable urban development are continued to be explored in a virtual event series, The Road to Malmö, building a momentum to 2022.

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