Smart Cities & Communities Lighthouse Network Event

17-18 October 2019, Lyon, France. This event will be the 8th event organised by the Smart Cities & Communities Network. While the previous events have either focused on replicating solutions from the Lighthouse Cities to Follower Cities (Brussels, Stavanger) or sharing experiences and best practices (San Sebastián, Sonderborg, Lisbon, etc.), this time the aim is to be more impactful!

The idea is to combine three approaches:

  • allowing the groups to explore in depth the various topics;
  • co-create or make together a solution that can provide a joint deliverable which will be a "standardized approach" to solve the problem at the heart of the solution;
  • be in a position to be challenged by a structured approach aiming to make the solution bankable not only for the investment community but also for city decision-makers.

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