Meeting of Finnish Lighthouse and Follower Cities

19-20 August 2019, City of Oulu, Finland.

In a two-day meeting, Finnish Lighthouse and Follower Cities from several Smart City Projects will come together to share experiences and lessons learnt. The meeting will be organised by the City of Oulu, one of the two Lighthouse Cities of MAKING-CITY, a 60-month Horizon 2020 project launched in December 2018.

There will not only be several presentations about the different actions within the cities (amongst others presented by the Lighthouse Cities of Tampere (Stardust), Vaasa (IRIS), Helsinki (mySMARTLife) and Follower City Kerava (MAtchUP)) but also an extensive demosite visit to the district of Kaukovainio that was selected to implement the PED concept developed in MAKING-CITY.