mySMARTLife Study Visit in Bydgoszcz on "Smart Lighting"

13-14 June 2019, Bydgoszcz, Poland.

After our study visit in Rijeka in May on the topic of "ICT services", the next mySMARTLife study visit will be organised in mySMARTLife Follower City Bydgoszcz focusing on "Smart Lighting".

Smart lighting is being implemented in more and more cities during the last years. Besides the energy consumption, economic savings are triggering the quick deployment of such solutions all over Europe. However, there are also important differences: in many places, only a replacement of sodium lights by LED is taking place while in others, smart features such as regulation control, presence detection, and environmental sensors are provided.

The smart lighting session in Bydgoszcz will go over all these different approaches to exchange experiences and discuss about advantages and benefits in each case.

The first day of the site visit (13 June) will be open to the general public. mySMARTLife Lighthouse and Follower Cities will present their smart lighting projects and also local companies will be given a stage. During a study tour at night, participants will have the opportunity to visit the city of Bydgoszcz and to discover its smart lighting solutions.

Day 2 (14 June) will be constituted by an internal meeting for the partners of the mySMARTLife consortium.

If you are interested to attend the open meeting on 13 June, please register by sending an e-mail to Natalia Majewska (

This study visit is part of the capacity building activities in mySMARTLife. Capacity building is playing a vital role to ensure a mutual learning process between the Lighthouse Cities (Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki) and the Follower Cities (Bydgoszcz, Rijeka and Palencia) thus facilitating cooperation in sustainable urban development. To this end, an innovative methodology based on urban coaching and mentoring was developed. This methodology will allow cities to have an assessment of their transformation and produce a self-analysis to understand and detect replicable solutions.

AGENDA of Open meeting  in Bydgoszcz on 13 June 2019


14:30-15:00h       Welcome & Registration: the City of Bydgoszcz

15:00-15:20h       Session introduction 

15:20-16:30h       Smart lighting project in Bydgoszcz 

Introduction by Marcin Rydzewski, Bydgoszcz Municipal Roads and Public Transportation Board
Detailed presentation of the  lighting system in Bydgoszcz by Edyta Kolendowicz, Marcin Borowiec, Apanet Green Systems,  Wrocław

Coffee break

17:00-17:30h Other Polish experiences (tbc)

17:30-18:00h Smart lighting project in Palencia, Spain

18:00-18:30h Smart lighting project in Rijeka, Croatia (tbc)

18:30–19:00h Smart lighting project in Hamburg, Germany

19:00-19:30h Q&A


20:00-21:30h Social dinner

21:30h-22:00 Study night tour: Smart lighting in Bydgoszcz