Palencia Sustainable Mobility Fair

20-23 September 2018, Palencia, Spain.

The City of Palencia is organising a Sustainable Mobility Fair which will take place in Palencia from 20-23 September 2018 as part of the European Mobility Week. Interesting conferences, an urban exhibition and multiple participative activities for citizens will be organised to promote alternative and sustainable transport modes.

Two conferences will present sustainable mobility strategies, technological solutions and practical cases on 20 and 21 September. In addition, discussion tables for manufacturers, service providers, public administrations, environmental associations and transport professionals will take place. In addition, Palencia Sustainable Mobility Fair promotes  a cycling race for citizens (11 km long) on 16 September.

On 22 and 23 September, an exhibition and demonstrations of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, urban buses (electric, hybrids, LPG, CNG) and an electric roadshow will be organised. Citizens will discover the latest technologies in the electric vehicle sector such as autonomous vehicles adapted to physical disabilities and electric charging poles and will have the possibility to test e-cars.

Furthermore, during the European Mobility Week 2018, mySMARTLife collaborates with Palencia City Council and local sports associations (Skating for Palencia, Skating School), the sports shop Decathlon Palencia and the sports centre La Lanera to promote the use of alternative and sustainable transport modes by organising the following activities:

  • 16 September to 4 October: Social Biking Challenge - to participate in this challenge, cyclists with smartphones will have the opportunity to download the Bikprints app and win gifts.
  • 20 September: Testing of Skateboards and sports bicycles
  • 21 September: Bicycles Repair Workshop in the Decathlon store
  • 22 September: Road Safety Workshop with bicycles / Skates race along 7.2 km
  • 23 September: Three bike classes

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