Scalable Cities community event "Moving from solutions to system change"

1-2 June 2022, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Welcome to the Scalable Cities community event “Moving from solutions to system change” hosted by the IRIS Smart Cities project on the 1st and 2nd of June in Utrecht.

Cities of all sizes need to accelerate their transformation to climate-neutrality in 2050. The sense of urgency and pressure has never been higher – with a target for 100 cities to be climate neutral and a cut to EU-wide emissions in total by at least 55% by 2030.

Since 2014, a pioneering group of 120 cities have been working hard to deploy over 500 solutions in more than 20 countries through the European Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse programme. But mainstreaming these solutions and creating a system change in cities is proving challenging. For this reason, this event brings the Scalable Cities community together to ask the following question: Is it time to replicate success factors and enabling conditions, rather than solutions?

Event attendees will be encouraged to share and explore the untold stories, triggers and conditions that enable cities to move on from the mere replication of technological solutions to an innovation narrative based on comprehensive systems change. The interactive discussions will:

  • Capitalise on opportunities for climate neutral and smart cities
  • Bust replication myths and explore the reality of smart city projects
  • Discover new triggers and conditions for systems-change
  • Reframe the innovation narrative regarding the scaling up of smart city solutions
  • Connect with citizens & stakeholders

Expect fresh and frank takes from key actors, unconventional take-aways, inspiring walking tours and informative in-person meetings with peers. Be part of the new narrative and join the Smart Cities Community in Utrecht 1-2 June 2022!

Further information are available on the event website.