City of Rijeka
On the way of transformation with modern ICT infrastructures

The City of Rijeka is the third largest city in Croatia, with a population of 128,624 inhabitants. It is located on Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Seam, and situated on an area of 44 km². Rijeka is an industrial, administrative, cultural and university centre of the region which serves about 400,000 inhabitants.

Over the last decade, Rijeka has put strong efforts in urban development projects, particularly with regard to the plans for switching over to renewable energy sources in public transportation, energy efficiency growth in the field of construction works as well as in information management and regarding the indicators of energy efficiency measures after the provision of new ICT infrastructure.

The vision of the city is the transformation of the urban area, environment and economy through the widespread development and adoption of modern ICTs. The aim is to stimulate innovation, create jobs, empower citizen engagement and improve the quality of city life for all citizens, businesses and visitors.

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Replication plans

The City of Rijeka will closely follow the Lighthouse Cities experience and is in particular planning actions in the fields mentioned below:

  • Buildings & Districts: Smart Lighting; RES emphasizing on PV and Solar Thermal plus retrofitting of public and residential buildings.
  • City Infrastructure: Smart metering and smart meter data management and optimisation of the heating network.
  • Mobility: Electric public transportation
  • Non-technical actions: Citizens participation in energy efficiency measures and evaluation of the participatory process.
  • ICT: Open data platform


Tina Ragužin
City of Rijeka
Phone: +385 51 209 619