City of Bydgoszcz
Continuous engagement towards a smart future

Bydgoszcz is located in northern Poland, facing the rivers Brda and Vistula. With its 353,215 inhabitants (2017), it is the largest city of the Kujawy and Pomerania region and the eighth largest in Poland. As a local authority government institution, Bydgoszcz has competences, deriving from the Communal Self-Government Act, to manage the technical and social infrastructure as well as safety and public order independently and to organise spatial and environmental issues within the city borders.

Due to its engagement in various European programmes, numerous examples of smart solutions are already implemented in Bydgoszcz:

  • An Intelligent Transportation System which is able to steer the traffic with vision-based monitoring giving information on stops, parking spaces and navigating vehicles to alternative roads if necessary.
  • Smart street lighting (since 2015), which replaced the old street lamps with new, energy efficient ones.
  • A public city bicycle system with 37 stations and 395 bicycles, available 24h/7 which offers a well-received alternative to public transportation.
  • Participation in the KAWKA program (improving air quality, liquidation of low emission – individual heat sources, increase EE and RES, connection of private houses, cooperatives, social housing to district heating system).

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Replication plans

As a Follower City of mySMARTLife, Bydgoszcz is eager to learn and utilise a complex approach based on cooperation with the Lighthouse and the other Follower Cities regarding innovative solutions in the area of energy in buildings, smart ICT solutions and transport issues, also focussing on business models and the cooperation with citizens and business such as:

  • District heating and cooling: Building on the previously modernised heating network, the plan are to modernize all grids and networks using smart technology and there also plans for introducing district cooling system which do not yet exist in Bydgoszcz.
  • Public Lighting – street lighting: Modernisation of the remaining public lighting and enhance the smart steering including an idea of a citizen application for notification of emergencies and damages.
  • Buildings and districts: Enhancing the existing monitoring system which optimises the power consumption in all types of buildings. The main idea is bases on delivering one tool integrating all measuring devices and automations which is connected to the responsible company for controlling and managing installations in buildings.
  • Mobility: Management of municipal roads including smart parking meters, automatic red light crossing, speed measurement, city bike system and a system for public communication (voice communication in public transport)
  • Non-technical actions: Citizen engagement – citizen’s participation for energy efficiency, evaluation of participation process.


Grzegorz Boron
Local Project Coordinators of the City of Bydgoszcz gboron(at)
Phone: +48 52 58 58 102