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Nantes, Hamburg, Helsinki

mySMARTLife – Editorial


The recent period of mySMARTLife has been a time full of changes. There have been some shifts in our city coordinators in Nantes and Hamburg, as our friends Benoît and Julian moved to other responsibilities in their cities. We will for sure miss them.

Also, an extension of our activities towards the end of the project due to some technical adjustments as well as difficulties to continue various installations due to the covid-19 situation were necessary.

Now, with these changes ready to be formally approved, we look towards a promising future and towards the finalisation of mySMARTLife as one of the most ambitious projects in the European Smart City family.

In mySMARTLife, we are ready to implement our final evaluation and to start drafting our main conclusions and lessons learnt. This will be very valuable input for other EU cities that are requested now to implement a radical paradigm change to become climate-neutral by 2050. The activities implemented in our three Lighthouse Cities Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki are an excellent set of examples that can be part of the necessary transition pathway for climate neutrality in EU cities.


Parallel to my activity as coordinator of mySMARTLife, during the last 10 months, I was honoured to lead the Board of Coordinators (BoC) of the lighthouse projects, the main collaboration body of the family of 18 lighthouse projects that counts with more than 100 cities collaborating to shape the future of our continent. Among all the activities carried out by the group during this period, I can highlight the following: the alignment of the BoC with the new service contract SCALE that started its operation during this period, the signature of a new Collaboration Manifesto, the re-shaping of the Task Groups and the liaison with the representatives of the Mission of Climate Neutral and Smart Cities. In Mr. Mathew Baldwin’s words, Deputy Director-General of the European Commission's DG MOVE to whom now we have established a fluent dialogue, “the lighthouse projects family is a good example of good practices for the cities that would be interested in participating in the Mission”.

So, in mySMARTLife, we are ready to showcase our results. Please continue following us in this very exciting (and last) period of our project!

Rubén García Pajares
CARTIF Technology Centre
Project Coordinator


mySMARTLife – Focus Topic: Urban Data Platforms offer digital solutions in Smart Cities


Urban Data Platforms are a major component in the digital transformation process of a city. They enable data-driven solutions to tackle current challenges in cities and communities. Thus, they form the basis for new solutions such as a route-planner or a digital twin.

An Urban Data Platform can be realised in different ways. Thanks to modular building blocks that are based on open standards, Urban Data Platforms can be adapted to the specific needs of a city. Discover how the concept of Urban Data Platform is realised in the three mySMARTLife Lighthouse Cities of Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki.


News from the three Lighthouse Cities Nantes, Hamburg, Helsinki

Nantes: Nantes in the future – mySMARTLife on the (Eu)radio


Lighthouse City Nantes and the French radio station Euradio have jointly produced “Nantes in the future” (French: “Nantes au Futur”), a podcast series dedicated to the European project mySMARTLife. In 9 episodes, the audience discovers the project and the various sustainable actions implemented in the Lighthouse City Nantes. 


Hamburg: Electric vehicles – Sensor-controlled parking space detection in Hamburg


A frequently presented challenge in the field of electromobility is the lack of sufficient publicly accessible charging stations for electric vehicles. Too often, charging points are occupied by illegal parkers or electric vehicles that are not charging. Charging point search traffic could be actively reduced and often even completely prevented.


Helsinki: Carbon Ego pilot – How users evaluate carbon neutrality app


The City of Helsinki has set the goal of being carbon neutral by the year 2035. With Carbon Ego pilot, the city was exploring how they could help people make carbon-neutral choices in their everyday lives. 


mySMARTLife – Project News


Accelerating skillsets for climate neutrality - Bydgoszcz contributes to EU Week of Regions & Cities

Natalia Majewska, mySMARTLife Lead in Bydgoszcz, Poland participated in the EU Regions “participatory lab” dedicated to positive energy districts...

How smart city solutions can be replicated? - mySMARTLife gives answers in MAtchUP Webinar

On 22nd September 2021, mySMARTLife coordinator CARTIF introduced the replication plans defined in mySMARTLife as well as the approach followed for...

Smart City Talks – “Together, we are stronger!”

mySMARTLife and smart cities projects MAKING-CITY, POCITYF, MatchUP and STARDUST have collaborated to offer a webinar series on mobility, energy and...

mySMARTLife – Events

ICSCUD 2022: 16th International Conference on Smart Cities and Urban Development
14-15 April 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal

This conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Smart Cities and Urban Development. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered, and solutions adopted in the fields of Smart Cities and Urban Development.

Malmö Summit - ICLEI World Congress 2021-2022
11 – 13 June 2022 in Malmö, Sweden

The Malmö Summit from 11.-13.05.2022 will offer the opportunity to exchange with and inspire one another on the best practices in local sustainable development and learn first-hand from the City of Malmö’s wealth of sustainability initiatives.

More Events
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News from the mySMARTLife Cities Network


Funchal and Lappeenranta are part of the mySMARTLife Cities Network composed by 16 cities from Europe and beyond. For this newsletter, we wanted to give two of our network cities a voice. If you are interested in finding out more about the mySMARTLife Cities Network, please have a look at our website.

Funchal’s sustainable mobility actions

Inspired by the mySMARTLife Cities Network, the Municipality of Funchal on the island of Madeira (PT) has been pursuing a sustainable vision that includes urban rehabilitation, territorial cohesion, technological innovation, energy efficiency, multimodality regarding transport, mobility management and accessibility. READ MORE


City of Lappeenranta Excels in Data driven Building Energy Management

The City of Lappeenranta (FI) puts a lot of effort in research and development of data-driven energy efficiency services in its building stock and uses a data platform in energy management. The information related to building automation as well as energy use and operating conditions is collected into one platform, which enables better monitoring and management of energy efficiency in buildings. READ MORE


News from our Sister Projects



mySMARTLife is one of eighteen European Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse projects, currently receiving funding within the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.

Smart Cities Marketplace: Financing of smart city solutions – share your best case

The Smart Cities Marketplace is searching for cases to highlight the possibilities of private financing to deploy smart city solutions. Share your successful case to highlight different forms of private finance and help share the best ideas for cities, and/or their partners, to exploit private finance to make communities, smarter, more sustainable, and better to live in. Read more here.




Atelier: Bratislava on its way to Climate Neutrality

Look at Fellow City Bratislava and its efforts towards a more sustainable future with public greens, the use of RES and its efforts about building a Positive Energy district (PED) at Janikov Dvor located in Petržalka, district of Bratislava. Read the full Atelier Story here.

POCITYF: Urban Platform has been nominated as the best digital solution from Portugal by WSA 2021

The Urban Platform, an innovative solution that aims to transform the future of sustainable cities, is nominated as ’’Best Digital Solution in Portugal’’ by WSA 2021. The Urban Platform is the City Information Platform implemented in the (Lighthouse) City of Évora to benchmark the performance of POCITYF outcomes. Read the full news article here.


About mySMARTLife

Hand holding a digital tablet with a contemporary smart city and apps icons (picture:, elenabsl)

The mySMARTLife project aims at making the three Lighthouse Cities of Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki more environmentally friendly by reducing the CO2 emissions of the cities and increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

Other activities are focusing on "Inclusive cities", offering a high quality of life in the cities. READ MORE


Picture Sources:

Crowd of anonymous people walking on busy city street:, BABAROGA | MyData integration into Helsinki urban platform: Forum Virium Helsinki | Nantes in the future (ON AIR): Pixabay | Parking Space Detection: Stromnetz Hamburg | Carbon Ego App: Tiina Inki, Forum Virium Helsinki | Hand holding a digital tablet with a contemporary smart city and apps icons:, elenabsl 


Project Coordinator: Rubén García Pajares, CARTIF Technology Centre
Contact: | +34 661 427 853


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