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Nantes, Hamburg, Helsinki

mySMARTLife – Editorial


The Smart Cities and Communities project mySMARTLife celebrates its first birthday! We would like to take this opportunity to review in this second edition of the mySMARTLife newsletter the actions developed and implemented in the three lighthouse cities Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki and the multiple events where mySMARTLife partners have presented the project during the last months.

Furthermore, we will introduce the “Urban transformation strategy” to you and explain what is so special and innovative about this approach pursued within mySMARTLife.


Besides, we will inform you about news from the cities, the project and our Smart City sister projects. We will also announce future events where you can meet the mySMARTLife Lighthouse and Follower Cities and get first-hand information.

We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter and wish you a merry Christmas and all the best for 2018!

On behalf of the project consortium,

Rubén García Pajares, CARTIF Technology Centre
Project Coordinator


mySMARTLife – Focus Topic

Creating smart cities with the help of citizens and businesses – The mySMARTLife Urban Transformation Strategy


Developing new ways on how to engage citizens in the city life and in an integrated city planning process is at the core of the mySMARTLife Urban Transformation Strategy.

The Urban Transformation Strategy is one of the main mySMARTLife outcomes. It is based on the Smart People and Smart Economy concepts, adopting as main instrument an integrated Advanced Urban Planning. The strategy aims to support public authorities in the development of transition models on how to become a Smart City.


News from the three Lighthouse Cities



With the Energy Data Lab initiative (“Datalab Energie”), the mySMARTLife consortium partners Nantes Metropole, Enedis and Atlanpole aim at stimulating innovation for the energy transition thanks to the collection and evaluation of data. Therefore, Enedis has already deployed 150,000 smart electric meters in Nantes Metropole and developed a dynamic electricity data platform for hosting the collected data sets. Thus, new services for individuals and businesses shall be tested and public policies on energy shall be optimised. READ MORE

Besides, Nantes Metropole aims at designing and implementing a new public lighting concept which will increase smart lighting innovation, optimise lighting costs and reduce energy consumption. mySMARTLife partner ENGIE designed new smart lighting solutions to respond to the citizens’ and operators’ needs and will deploy them during the first semester of 2018 in the demonstration district “Ile de Nantes”.



Audience at mySMARTLife-Talk 2 (photo: konsalt)

In Lighthouse City Hamburg, an event series titled "mySMARTLife Walks & Talks has started where mySMARTLife actions in Hamburg are presented to the public. Talks are organised on a regular basis on different topics related to the project. The talks are already very popular with nearly 40 participants having joint the first two events.

Besides, from summer 2018 onwards, regular walks through different buildings will give the opportunity to interested citizens to visit various demonstration sites where innovative smart city solutions are tested.




Lighthouse City Helsinki tested vehicle to grid (V2G) systems in mySMARTLife. The first two-way charging point in Finland was installed in the Suvilahti district in Helsinki in connection with mySMARTLife project partner Helen’s solar power plant and electricity storage facility. The V2G charging point enables not only charging of an electric vehicle, but also using it as an electricity storage unit and for balancing of the electricity system.

First charging with V2G system at media event in September 2017; picture by Sonja Meskanen, Helen Oy

Besides, smart thermostats have been installed in 20 apartments in Merihaka, a residential area of Helsinki. They enable dynamic heating controls, energy savings and added living comfort. The thermostats and the wireless solution are provided by mySMARTLife partner Salusfin Ltd. READ MORE

Viikki Environmental House is one of Finland's most energy-efficient office buildings. Thanks to the integration of Fourdeg Ltd's Smart Heating® service, the house has now become even more energy efficient, with the help of the mySMARTLife project. READ MORE

mySMARTLife project partner Helen demonstrated compensation of reactive power with solar inverters on the Arctic sport center’s roof top. By compensating the reactive power locally, the Arctic sport center can avoid or decrease reactive power payments towards the distribution system operator. READ MORE


mySMARTLife – Project News


mySMARTLife and the other Lighthouse Projects lead the way to a smarter Europe at Smart City EXPO Barcelona

mySMARTLife and eleven further smart city projects covering almost 60 cities across Europe came together at the 7th Smart City Expo World Congress...

mySMARTLife follower cities Bydgoszcz and Rijeka on their way to becoming smarter cities – SmartEnCity Conference Week and Follower City Workshop in Sonderborg

The Cities of Bydgoszcz (Poland) and Rijeka (Croatia) participated in various activities organised during the SmartEnCity Conference Week and the...

Nordic Edge 2017 – Meeting of Europe’s Smart Cities in Stavanger

“Smart Happiness” was the theme of this year’s Nordic Edge Conference and Expo, organised for the third time in Stavanger from 26th to 28th September...

mySMARTLife – Events

Events series “mySMARTLife Walks & Talks”: Talk 3 on smart street lamps
4 May 2018, Hamburg, Germany

mySMARTLife partners LSBG and Deutsche Telekom AG will organise the 3rd mySMARTLife talk in Hamburg titled “Smart Points | Intelligente Straßenlaternen”. "Walk & Talk" is an event series in Lighthouse City Hamburg where mySMARTLife is presented to the interested public through talks and site visits.

European Day in Palencia – Media and public event on Palencia’s activities in Europe and EU projects
9 May 2018, Palencia, Spain

mySMARTLife Follower City Palencia is organising a “European Day” in order to inform local and regional press and media about Palencia’s institutional relations with Europe and the EU projects in which Palencia is involved, such as mySMARTLife. Also, an exhibition stand and public activities for citizens will be organised.

Read More
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News from our Sister Projects


mySMARTLife is one of twelve European Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse projects, currently receiving funding within the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.

REMOURBAN Lighthouse City Nottingham first to adopt revolutionary housing approach

Ten homes in Sneinton have been selected as part of a UK first pilot to radically improve older houses using energy saving and energy generation measures. Proposed improvements will make the residents of these homes ultra-low energy consumers, dramatically reducing household energy bills and making homes warmer. READ MORE


Lighthouse projects family gains three new members: Welcome to STARDUST, IRIS and MatchUP!

We welcome the latest three members to our Lighthouse projects family! In October and November 2017, the three projects STARDUST (with the LHC Pamplona, Tampere and Trento), IRIS (with demonstration areas in Utrecht, Goteborg and Nice) and MatchUP (gathering the LHC Valencia, Dresden and Antalya) have started.

Find them also on Twitter:
@stardustH2020 | @IRISsmartcities | @matchupEU


About mySMARTLife

Picture Source: Nantes Métropole - Ville de Nantes

The mySMARTLife project aims at making the three lighthouse cities of Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki more environmentally friendly by reducing the CO2 emissions of cities and increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

Other activities are focusing on "Inclusive cities", offering a high quality of life in the cities. 


Picture Sources:
Crowd of anonymous people walking on busy city street:, BABAROGA | Urban Transformation Strategy: CARTIF Technology Centre | Pedestrian crossing, Smart City: Jean-Dominique Billaud, Nantes Metropole | Audience at mySMARTLife-Talk 2: konsalt | First charging with V2G system at media event in September 2017: Sonja Meskanen, Helen Oy | Hand holding a digital tablet with a contemporary smart city and apps icons:, elenabsl


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