The Smart City strategy – an integrated vision of city planning

The sustainable development of urban areas requires new, efficient and user-friendly technologies and services, especially in the energy, transport and ICT sectors. However, an integrated approach which covers all these topics is vital, not only in the research and development stage of a solution, but also in its application. Therefore, the European Union promotes so-called Smart Cities Lighthouse projects that test new solutions in cities all over Europe.

mySMARTLife is one of these Smart Cities Lighthouse projects and promotes an integrated vision towards a new city model. The concept of Innovative Urban Transformation promoted in mySMARTLife is based on comprehensive urban plans, allowing for a more efficient city development. However, big and medium-sized cities in the EU do not start from scratch in their process to become smarter. Sustainable Energy Plans, Digital Agendas or Sustainable Mobility Plans are often available but lack of an integrated vision towards a more efficient deployment.

The mySMARTLife Innovative Urban Transformation process is founded on a strong citizens’ engagement strategy and a solid business ecosystem. This urban transformation will follow a city-led approach, relying on the already existing city plans and the citizens as the main pillars. Thus, the main city challenges are at the core of this urban transformation process.

Thanks to the application of the Innovative Urban Transformation Strategy, the three lighthouse cities involved in mySMARTLife will deliver an integrated urban plan, leading the path to new city services and creating new jobs through the development of innovative business models.