Study Visit: Smart Lightning Session in Bydgoszcz

From 13 to 14 June 2019, mySMARTLife’s Follower City Bydgoszcz did host a technical study visit on “Smart Lighting (City Infrastructure).” Within this context, the Lighthouse Cities of Hamburg, Frankfurt and Nantes as well as the Follower Cities of Bydgoszcz, Palencia and Rijeka did present their current states in relation to smart lightning and their individual technical solutions. This approach did not only provide the opportunity to exchange experiences on this essential topic but also to discuss advantages and disadvantages for each case. Afterwards, the first day of the study visit was concluded at night to see the smart lightning of the Polish host in action.

On the second day, the participants visited the RES Demonstration Centre which was funded and built by the EU project “CEC5: Demonstration on energy efficiency and utilization of renewable energy sources through public buildings” before completing the meeting with two additional workshops.

Thank you to a great host and to all the committed participants!