Struggling with the lockdown? A hashtag can help

Follow #SmartCitiesHelp to discover the best ideas EU Smart Cities offer to better deal with the everyday challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, cities must face a new situation. Even the simplest daily tasks have to be rethought to ensure social distancing and support to persons in need. To embrace this challenge, cities are developing and implementing new ideas which will make them more resilient, stronger and smarter and so improve everyone’s wellbeing.

But how can the brightest ideas from EU cities be collected and made easily available to citizens? The answer is #SmartCitiesHelp, the dedicated social media campaign launched by the cluster of the 17 H2020 European Smart Cities projects.

Solidarity actions, online museums and concerts, hubs to connect citizens, digital contests, new city transportation strategies, apps, data collection platforms and much more will be shared.

Follow #SmartCitiesHelp on Twitter and LinkedIn to discover how European Smart Cities are reacting to COVID-19 to help you face these challenging times!

The 17 H2020 European Smart Cities projects which launched #SmartCitiesHelp are:

·         atelier

·         +CityxChange

·         GrowSmarter

·         IRIS

·         MAKING-CITY

·         MAtchUP

·         mySMARTLife

·         POCITYF

·         REMOURBAN

·         REPLICATE

·         RUGGEDISED

·         Sharing Cities

·         SmartEnCity

·         Smarter Together

·         SPARCS

·         STARDUST

·         Triangulum

These projects received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Innovation programme. Their goal is to design and implement a number of smart urban solutions to make cities more sustainable and inclusive.