Smarter Together, SCC Lighthouse Network Event in Lyon

In October 2019, mySMARTLife project representatives met for the Smarter Together, SCC Lighthouse Network Event in Lyon which  was the 8th event organised by the Smart Cities & Communities Network. The previous events have either focused on replicating solutions from the Lighthouse Cities to Follower Cities (Brussels, Stavanger) or sharing experiences and best practices (San Sebastian, Sonderborg, Lisbon, etc.).

All those events have brought a lot of exciting knowledge sharing and have significantly contributed to the dissemination of best practices.

In the Lyon event, the whole SCC01 Network focused on so-called makers’ sessions on the first day, using design-thinking methodology. The various groups worked on topics such as buildings (new & refurbished), integrated infrastructure / data platform and services, energy infrastructure (energy networks & renewable energy production, lampposts), mobility (mobility stations, electric buses…) and well-being (public spaces, nature-based solutions, healthcare). As the working groups developed pitches, these were fine-tuned and presented on the following day in front of a jury.