Self-data workshops in Nantes – transforming citizens and local stakeholders to actors in the energy transition

As part of mySMARTLife project, Nantes Métropole has launched a series of citizen and stakeholder workshops on the concept of self-data, applied to the energy issues in the Nantes region. These workshops are organised with several partners from the energy sector (ENEDIS, GRDF, ENGIE, EDF, ADEME) and with the support of the think tank "FING" specialised in digital transformation.

The workshops are complementary to the citizens’ workshops led by Nantes Métropole during the great debate on energy transition, which took place from September 2016 to March 2017. Read more on the great debate on energy transition here and the roadmap on energy transition here.

The objective of the workshops on self-data is to make citizens and local actors aware of this concept. They also aim at thinking of new tools and digital applications that are useful for residents and at transforming the citizens and local stakeholders to actors in the energy transition through their control and their use of their personal data.

A first workshop with local actors in the energy sector was held on 8th November 2018. Several concrete challenges in the field of the energy transition have been identified and the self-data concept can contribute to provide an answer.

In the upcoming months, four new workshops open to citizens and local stakeholders will be held:

  • 29/11/2018: workshop dedicated to citizens awareness and "datablitz" (mapping of personal datasets)
  • 24/01 and 28/02/2019: use cases research workshops
  • 23/05/2019: design workshop dedicated to the development of new tools and applications

What is self-data?

It is the possibility for citizens and local stakeholders:

  • to recover their personal data from the organisations that hold them (companies, websites, social networks ...)
  • to store and manage their personal data on secured digital environments
  • to re-use their personal data through new services and applications, in their own interest (reduce their carbon footprint, save money,...)