SCIS Webinar: Replication in practise with mySMARTLife FCs Palencia & Rijeka

On 09 June 2020, mySMARTLife Follower Cities Palencia and Rijeka joined the SCIS webinar “Replication in practice: Common challenges and enablers for the replication of smart city solutions” which was moderated by Brooke Flanagan, project coordinator of EUROCITIES. For over ninety minutes, SCC01 fellow cities’ replication processes and their practical experiences of replication were presented and discussed.

Mauro Alonso Mayordomo, Local Development Agency Technician (Palencia Municipality), focused on the topic of Smart Street Lightning. In 2010, the City Council of Palencia decided to replace its former streetlamp posts for reasons of cost savings and increasing sustainability. As signatory of Covenant of Mayors, it was also the city’s ambition to reduce GHG emissions in 2020 by 20%. With the support of the energy service company ESCO, 30% of the street lightning could be renewed within the last years, reducing the energy consumption by 75%. Based on the city’s renewed LED plan, Palencia has by now replaced 57% of its total street lightning network with LED technology.

Suzana Belosevic, Senior Advisor to the Mayor - European Projects Specialist (City of Rijeka), presented RICIKLETA, Rijeka’s e-bike system. The system of public renting of e-bikes aims to encourage urban mobility and enables the development of alternative forms of movement around the city that are beneficial to the health of the individual and the environment. To meet the geographical challenges of Rijeka, which is a quite hilly city, the e-bikes are equipped with the high-power battery. And they are becoming more and more popular: Currently, there are 4 stations and 28 bikes and there are more to come.

If you want to learn more about Palencia’s and Rijeka’s implementation and if you want to find out about the other SCC01 fellow cities’ replication processes, you will find the recorded webinar here.