Nantes publishes its roadmap on energy transition

Lighthouse City Nantes has published the roadmap “Nantes, metropolis in transition” outlining on how it will successfully achieve its energy transition. Citizens and local stakeholders from the 24 cities of Nantes Metropole have developed this outstanding roadmap. The energy roadmap is a result of the Great Debate “Energy transition is us” which took place in Nantes from September 2016 to March 2017 (read more). All the contributions of the major debate articulated the expectations and needs of the citizens regarding energy. The received contributions were then analysed by an independent citizen commission and summarised in a final report.

53,000 participants, 11,000 contributors, 270 organisations and 80 organised events have made the Great Debate a huge success and an “unprecedented mobilisation of citizens and stakeholders in the City of Nantes” (Johanna Rolland, president of Nantes Metropole).

The roadmap "Nantes, metropolis in transition" presents many ambitions and commitments. The three main points of the energy transition "à la nantaise": increased development of local renewable resources, engagement with as many citizens as possible, maximum benefit for all residents.

  • Maximum benefit for all residents:
    Focusing on housing: By 2030, Nantes Metropoles will invest 100 million euros in social, private and public buildings and double the number of renovation projects to fight fuel poverty to 6,500 housing units.
    Focusing on mobility: Nantes aims to reduce the single driver use of the car by 30% investing 1 billion euros by 2030 to develop a culture of intermodality (public transport, cycling, walking, carpooling, shared vehicles etc.). Moreover, new trams and the replacement of diesel buses by e-buses are planned.
  • Valuing 100% of local renewable resources:
    Another commitment of the Lighthouse City is to use 100% of the building roofs to produce renewable energy and to cultivate vegetables by 2030.
  • An energy transition 100% citizen and which increases the residents’ power of action:
    Nantes Metropole has committed to establish 100 "citizens' labs" by creating a network of the metropolitan areas dedicated to the energy transition to mobilise all generations of citizens making them the main drivers for the  transition.

These commitments are shared with the inhabitants of Nantes Metropoles and also with further stakeholders such as associations, companies and other public and private organisations.  mySMARTLife contributed to the elaboration process of the roadmap, will support its implementation and wishes Nantes a successful journey.

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