Nantes installs digital boilers in social housing building

In Nantes, one new digital boiler to heat sanitary water has been installed in the social housing building “Oiseaux des Iles” (30 flats). This new digital boiler, developed by the company “Stimergy”, will produce 19 MWh/year to cover about 40% of the energy needed for hot sanitary water.

A digital boiler is a data centre made of eco-responsible computing servers used by electricity suppliers for data storage and computing. The server produces heat while operating which is then used by the boiler. These data centres can for example be used for swimming pools or collective residential buildings to significantly reduce the energy consumed by the building. As the produced energy is being reused, there is no need any more for a cooling system.

The social housing company “Nantes Métropole Habitat” has installed such a digital boiler for the second time, to reduce the carbon footprint and the energy bill of tenants.