Nantes informs about their projects in newly published videos

Nantes has been working efficiently on the city’s energy transition and now shares the progress made in the projects in four videos.

The recognition that the building sector is responsible for 30% of the CO2 emissions moved Nantes to address the issue of the carbon impact through strengthening the energy renovation of its public buildings.

One action in the building transition field was the installation of an innovative solar plant at the Cité des Congrès. During February and the beginning of March 2020, Nantes worked on the implementation of a solar power plant, made with organic, flexible and semi-transparent photovoltaic films. The power plant was installed at the local Cité des Congrès and is expected to produce 410 kWh per year. The energy produced by the films will be stored in a 1200 Wh capacity battery to then be used to supply an information and mobile phone charging station.

Apart from the retrofitting actions, Nantes Métropole and the company Semitan inaugurated in September 2019 already the first e-busses to be used in the local traffic. An interesting fact is the partnership with the Voyage à Nantes, whose artists decorated the vehicles. The fleet of 22 e-buses is in service since November 2019.

Another transport project is the autonomous shuttle of the Nantes City Lab, which is evaluated within the mySMARTLife project. The shuttle is moving without a driver and is 100% electric. Over one whole year, two experimental rides were offered to the public. Find more information about the project on the mySMARTLife Youtube channel.