Nantes – Extend the Platform

The extension of the Nantes Urban Data Platform was developed based on a common architectural framework, co-constructed and defined by each of the three Lighthouse Cities (Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki). This framework of open specifications enables the three cities to share their information and developments through interoperability at three levels: integration of all types of input data into the SensorThings Application Programming Interface (API) data model, exposing output data through this same SensorThings API, and reusing, replicating a service at specifications level from one Urban Data Platform to another.

Within the framework of mySMARTLife, developments have integrated data from different project sources such as:

  • public equipment load curves, from the energy data lab developed by the Electricity Distribution System Operator Enedis;
  • data from electric vehicle recharging sessions from public car parks in Nantes Metropole;
  • distribution data (temperatures, flows) from the substations of the district heating network;
  • evaluation of the mySMARTLife interventions.

If you want to read more about the benefits, lessons learned, and facts and figures please see here.