mySMARTLife Talks in Hamburg inform citizens about smart street lights and energy transition

The possibilities and the implementation of smart street lights in Hamburg was the topic of the third mySMARTLife Talk that took place in the castle museum of Hamburg-Bergedorf on 4th May 2018. About 15 participants attended the event. Mr. Schonowski from T-Labs, the research institute of the Deutsche Telekom, gave a general overview on the topic. The highlight of his presentation was a live demonstration of a moisturising sensor, linked to a demonstration lamp in his office in Berlin. With a wet handkerchief, he demonstrated how he could turn the lamp on and off via an internet connection by triggering the sensor. Afterwards, Mr. David from the Hamburg State Agency of Streets, Bridges and Waters explained challenges and expected improvements by implementing smart street lights as a regular city infrastructure.

The fourth mySMARTLifeTalk on the 12th June 2018 attracted about 25 participants to the castle museum of Hamburg-Bergedorf. This edition provided an overview about the actual transition in energy production in Germany. Professor Dr. Schäfers started with an interesting presentation on the challenges of the fluctuating availability of renewable energy and referred to the climate protection goals of the German Federal Government. Mr. Lange from the energy grid operator Stromnetz Hamburg focused in his presentation on the technical challenges the local grid will have to face in the future due to an unsteady energy production. Furthermore, he explained the backgrounds of smart metering and multimetering to the audience. After the presentations, an intense discussion with the participants followed.

About "Walks & Talks"
"Walks & Talks" is an event series in Lighthouse City Hamburg where mySMARTLife is presented to the interested public. Talks are organised on a regular basis on different topics related to the project. Besides, regular walks through different buildings will give the opportunity to interested citizens to visit various demonstration sites where innovative smart city solutions are tested.