mySMARTLife on the screen – Youtube channel launched!

What is mySMARTLife about? It is about life in Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki and it is about making life in these cities more sustainable by reducing their CO2 emissions.

We have made a first attempt to put this vision on the screen and have produced videos in each city. These videos are as diverse as the cities themselves but they have a common thread of innovation and smartness.

mySMARTLife focuses on "Inclusive Cities", offering a high quality of life to citizens. "Smart People" are playing a vital role in their city's successful development. "Smart Economy" is an innovative and dynamic economic concept aiming at guaranteed employment and an adequate income, attracting talents and providing goods and services according to the actual needs.

Click here to watch the videos on the mySMARTLife Youtube channel.

You can find more information on concrete mySMARTLife actions in our new project leaflet and in the intervention section on the mySMARTLife website.