mySMARTLife on the road

The mySMARTLife consortium has been a lot on the move this autumn. In mid-September, all mySMARTLife partners gathered in Hamburg for the project’s first review meeting and a study tour to the demonstration site Bergedorf. Also in September, mySMARTLife co-organised the BY&FORCITIZENS Conference on “Smart Regeneration of Cities and Regions” in Valladolid, Spain - a forum to gain comprehensive insights into the opportunities and challenges brought by city transformation strategies across Europe. Representatives of the City of Helsinki, Forum Virium Helsinki, and VTT took part in the IEEE 2018 in Portugal to share experiences and lessons learned in the field of Smart Cities and Buildings in a smart city workshop co-planned  and co-chaired by UNINOVA, VTT (mySMARTLife & STARDUST) and EDP. mySMARTLife Follower City Palencia has contributed to the organisation of the Social Biking Challenge, which took place in the context of the European Mobility Week and the Sustainable Mobility Fair in Palencia to promote the use of the bicycle as an alternative to conventional transport in cities and the Palencia team won one of three SBC European Mobility Week 2018 awards! mySMARTLife Follower City Bydgoszcz presented mySMARTLife at a conference in Bydgoszcz dealing with energy efficiency in practice and financing options for exchanging heat sources. Moreover, mySMARTLife took part in the meeting of the Smart City Community at Nordic Edge 2018 in Stavanger, Norway. The Nordic Edge is an annual event showcasing the latest innovative solutions from the Smart City community. 4500 visitors from all across Europe and even beyond attended this three-day event. At this year’s Smarty City Expo World Congress in Barcelona (SCEWC), Spain, mySMARTLife was contributing with presentations, workshop activities and the joint European Lighthouse Cities stand.