mySMARTLife Lighthouse City Nantes showcases mobility innovations in study tour

In the beginning of March, the mySMARTLife partners and representatives from the mySMARTLife Cities’ Network gathered for the 2nd Cities Network Workshop in Nantes, organised at the occasion of the 5th mySMARTLife Periodic Meeting, with the aim to learn from one another and to join a study tour on mobility innovation. The Lighthouse Cities’ mobility, energy, ICT and non-technical oriented projects have been presented and discussed. In a study tour, mySMARTLife Lighthouse City Nantes showcased their mobility innovations.

The study tour of the mySMARTLife consortium and the mySMARTLife Cities’ Network led the team to the technical bus centre Vertou, where the ebusway XXL, one of the major mobility interventions in Nantes, was presented and the charging infrastructure demonstrated.

The objective of the e-busway is to replace the 18 m articulated gas powered buses that are currently being used to transport residents throughout the city with 24m bi-articulated electric powered buses with the capacity of transporting 150 passengers. The “opportunity charging technology” presented to the consortium consists of 10 fast charging stations on the route. This technology allows the ebusway XXL to charge in 20 seconds with minimal interruption, while the passengers are on board.

Another smart mobility intervention that was shown to the mySMARTLife Community was the Navya autonomous shuttle, a fully autonomous public transport vehicle with a capacity of 15 people. It is 100% electric and runs on rechargeable batteries. Part of the route of the Navya is the positive energy road, road covering solar panels that as a prototype produce enough energy to compensate for the shuttle’s consumption (read more).

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