mySMARTLife extended until end of September 2022

The mySMARTLife partners have decided to officially extend the project until 30 September 2022, following a dialogue with the European Commission. The extension will allow the Lighthouse Cities Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki to fully monitor the implemented solutions, following some delays associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

mySMARTLife was scheduled to wrap-up activities by the end of November 2021 but discussions to continue work have been underway, explains Rubén García Pajares, Project Coordinator from CARTIF Technology Centre: “Due to Covid-19 situation which impacted some of our activities, an extension of mySMARTLife was necessary. Now, with these changes formally approved, we look towards a promising future and towards the finalisation of mySMARTLife as one of the most ambitious projects in the European Smart City family by the end of September 2022.”