mySMARTLife Cities Network: 4th Knowledge Transfer Workshop in Hamburg

As part of mySMARTLife Final Conference in Hamburg (14 & 15 September), the consortium organised its 4th Knowledge Transfer Workshop to engage with the members of the mySMARTLife Cities Network. Several Knowledge Transfer Discussion Groups presented the mySMARTLife Lighthouse Cities' (Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki) and Follower Cities' (Bydgoszcz, Rijeka and Palencia) solutions and actions in lively round table discussions. The topics covered where mobility, citizen engagement, efficient buildings / building retrofit as well as smart lighting and ICT.

Besides, the members of the Cities Network had the opportunity to learn from the experiences made during the mySMARTLife project by consultimg the information packs that all consortium partners developed  on their interventions. These 50 information packs can be found on the mySMARTLife website here.

Knowledge transfer was also possible thanks to a staffed mini-exhibition where members of mySMARTLife presented their trialled and tested solutions during the lunch and coffee break to the members of the Cities Network.

The second day of the Final Conference was hands-on and on-site – exploring and learning about the interventions in Hamburg, the third Lighthouse City in mySMARTLife, in their demo-site Bergedorf. During a study tour, a  comprehensive presentation explained the construction of a climate-friendly heating network in the development area "Am Schilfpark" in Hamburg-Bergedorf. More information can be found here.