mySMARTLife at Sustainable Places in Cagliari, Italy

Last week, mySMARTLife took part at Sustainable Places (June 5-7) in Cagliari, Italy. The project and its methodology were presented on the final day of the conference by Irantzu Urkola from Tecnalia Research & Innovation during a “Smart Cities” paper session.  

This year, more than 350 people attended the 7th edition of Sustainable Places which provides a framework for presentations of project results emerging from Horizon 2020, workshops, and networking between different stakeholders. Thematically, the conference did focus on island sustainability, investing in EE retrofit, demand response, sustainability protocols, and Smart Cities.

During her presentation on “Methodology for the advanced integrated urban energy planning”, Irantzu Urkola did not only focus on energy transition scenarios for cities but did also provide an inside to the methodological approach during various phases of implementation. Afterwards, the theoretical framework was vividly illustrated by the case study of mySMARTLife’s Lighthouse City Helsinki.

Further information about the event can be found here.